Frequently asked questions

What is Rhinokey®?

Rhinokey® is a versatile everyday carry multitool key organizer that is crafted from titanium. It features a built-in LED flashlight and a variety of functions for daily tasks. With Rhinokey®, you can organize your keys in the way that works best for you and stack up to 10 different keys. Say goodbye to fumbling through a traditional keychain and poking keys into your pockets.

How many keys can Rhinokey® hold?

Rhinokey® can hold up to 10 keys, thanks to its unique design that utilizes "Chicago Screws" to connect and organize keys. These screws have a 4mm diameter, which means they can accommodate most keyholes.

How do I organize my keys?

Rhinokey comes in a functional assembly box. Simply use the box to lay in your keys and stack them on top of eachother.

Which kind of keys fit?

All 2 mm standard keys fit. You can also include thicker keys with a plastic cover on them. Bigger car keys can be attached to the included loop at the end of your Rhinokey.

How can I attach my car keys to Rhinokey®?

If your car keys fit onto Rhinokey®, great! If not, the design includes a loophole that allows you to attach any kind of key or accessory.

What functions does Rhinokey® have?

In addition to its key organizing capabilities, Rhinokey® also includes a variety of functions such as a HEX wrench, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver/pryer, ruler, and loophole. Plus, the built-in LED light provides additional functionality for those dark moments.

How does the built-in LED light work?

Rhinokey® features a built-in LED light that is perfect for illuminating keyholes or dark spaces. It's easy to activate the light with the button on the top. The battery is replaceable by removing two little screws.

Can I take Rhinokey® on an airplane?

Yes, Rhinokey® is designed to be TSA Carry-On Compliant.

Does Rhinokey® ship worldwide?

Rhinokey® ships to a variety of countries worldwide. Check our shipping list for more information here.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we have a refund policy in place. Please visit our page here for more information.